Wednesday, September 2, 2015

[Beat Tape] R & R - A Mr JONES Listening Session (Prod by Mr Jones)

Get your popcorn ready

Thursday, August 20, 2015

[Video] Hip-Hop producers are weak minded?

Why are hip-hop producers killing their own careers by undervaluing their own talents and allowing others to take advantage of them? Some producers feel they have to give beats away to promote themselves. But consider the following points.

When a producer gives a beat to a rapper/manager/label without asking for anything in return, in other words, "for the love," that entity can:

1. Sell the song for a profit and never pay the producer
2. Build his/her brand and boost his/her career
3. Monetize online plays/streams (even on your Youtube and Soundcloud pages)
4. Book shows/tours based on this original music
5. Merchandise and profit
6. Submit music for radio/tv play without ever determining publishing splits
7. Pay for marketing, design, photos, engineering, merchandise, but not for production

The producer loses in every scenario. Where's "the love?" It's not unreasonable to expect some type of fair compensation for your talents and efforts. Making a living doesn't ruin your art.

Ideas for producers:

1. 50/50 album partnerships with recording artists
2. Trades (beats in exchange for verses, etc)
3. Set a floor and ceiling for beat prices and stay consistent
4. Production deals
5. Releasing instrumental music (create a demand for yourself)
6. Monetizing your own streaming music (Content ID, Adsense, etc)
7. DJ for artists you produce for to split show fees
8. Form groups with even splits (Ever heard of Gangstar?)
9. LEARN. The more you know, the less you can be taken advantage of

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

[Audio} ReverseNation Management presents Big ETA @bige0828 4th cypher

ReverseNation Management presents Big ETA @bige0828 4th cypher! Enjoy! Download!

Featured Artists:
A.G. Tha Pharoah @Menace777
Shied @Rodshied
Wynn @DevonWynn317
J. Pierce @Mysteryjar
Mula Kkhan @Mula_KKhan

Check out Big ETA other cyphers.
For beats contact Big ETA! 

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