Sunday, March 24, 2013

[Audio] The Man with the Golden Arm

Melvin Bliss’ “Synthetic Substitution” has to be one of the most sampled tracks in hip-hop. Released in 1973 on Sunburst, the track features a 10 second drum solo (drum break) by legendary drummer Bernard Purdie. That break quickly became the backbone for countless hip-hop recordings, including “Ego Trippin’” (Ultramagnetic MCs), “Murder by Reason of Insanity” (Scarface), “Bring Da Ruckus” (Wu-Tang Clan) and “Code of the Streets” (Gang Starr). Now, DJ Green Giant has taken those sampled tracks and put them into a mix he calls The Man with the Golden Arm. For you new hip-hop heads, pay attention. Class is now in session. Enjoy and be educated.


“I don’t worry about the fame”
Joeski Love – Pee Wee Dance
Divine Force – Holy War
Big Daddy Kane – Just Rhyming With Biz
Choice MC’s – The B Side feat. Chill Phil
Ultramagnetic MCs – Ego Trippin
Nice & Smooth – Nice & Smooth
Public Enemy – Brothers Gonna Work It Out
Ice T – O.G.
EPMD – Scratch Bring It Back Part II
Melvin Bliss – Synthetic Interlude
Pete Rock & CL Smooth – For Pete’s Sake
Positive K – Nightshift
Naughty By Nature – OPP
“You met Bernard Purdie ?”
Gang Starr – Dwyck
Gang Starr – Code Of The Street
De La Soul – Stone Age Featuring Biz Markie
The Pharcyde – Ya Mama
Masta Ace Inc – Saturday Nite Live
Groupe Home – So Called Friends
Wu-Tang Clan – Bring Da Ruckus
Ghostface Killah – Mighty Healthy
Kanye West & Ghostface Killah – New God Flow
50 Cent – My Life feat. Adam Levine
Justin Bieber – Die In Your Arms
Fabolous – You Be Killin Em
Melvin Bliss – Synthetic Substitution
Message From Bernard Purdie

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