Wednesday, December 11, 2013

[Video] DJ Envy Recalls Nas Pulling A Gun On Him

DJ Envy continued his story as he shared the details of Nas pulling a gun on him after his “I got something for you” comment was taken as more of a threat from the Queens lyricist.

“I go in my bag and when I come up [from] my bag, Nas has a gun on me,” DJ Envy said. “‘What the fuck you got for me? What you mean you got something for me?’ I’m sitting there like—I dropped my bag and everything. I’m like, ‘A mixtape. It’s just a mixtape. I swear, it’s just a mixtape. Look, look, look. Mixtape, mixtape.’ And Nas gave me the look…He did one of these ‘Yo, you know shit is real out here, man. You don’t come up to nobody and say ‘you got something for me,’ man. Gimme that mixtape.’ He took the mixtape, put the gun back in his pants, went in his car, and drove off.’ And after that I’ve never approached another artist with, ‘I got something for you.’ Never again.”

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