Tuesday, February 4, 2014

[Video] Young Guru x Skillshare: $20 Intro to Audio Recording

                                 Capture Sound: Introduction to Audio Recording 

One of the most prolific audio engineers in the music industry today, Gimel “Young Guru" Keaton, will once again take his expertise to Skillshare, the global online social marketplace dedicated to educating others about a variety of topics. 

Filmed at Shelter Island Studios in New York, Young Guru recorded a series of video lessons entitled “Capture Sound: Introduction to Audio Recording,” a class that will cover the basics of recording your own professional quality audio track at a fraction of the cost and time of one college semester. 

                                Capture Sound: Introduction to Audio Recording 
                                 An Online Skillshare Class by Young Guru 

What You’ll Learn I’ve created this Skillshare class to best help you bring your recordings to life with the effects you want, regardless of the price point of your equipment. This will all be presented through exclusive videos and written direction. We’ll cover: 

Understanding Audio Physics. This unit will cover the science of sound and how it reacts according to its surroundings. 

Selecting a Recording Space. This unit will cover how to select the appropriate space for your recording, and how to properly optimize it for your desired effect. 

Positioning Microphones, Instruments and Voices. This unit will cover how each take will be affected based on where the microphone is in relation to the audio source/ the recording space. 

Monitoring Levels. This unit will cover how to ensure your recording is clean (or muddled, if that’s the desired effect) and within an acceptable dynamic range. 

Making Adjustments and Multiple Takes. This unit will cover how to alter the recording variables (mic placement, recording space adjustments, microphone add-ons, instrument add-ons) to create multiple tracks, which will eventually be layered to complete the whole of the audio project. 

Finishing. How to properly label each take, how to organize each track and who to send everything to upon the completion of recording. 

What You’ll Make Your Class Project will be a recording of your own audio file using the principles we’ve discussed. 

Prerequisites Users should be equipped with at least one digital microphone and a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) that allows for audio recording. Here are some DAWs we recommend (some can be downloaded for free). 

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