Wednesday, August 6, 2014

[Written Interview] Producer ‘The Amazing SB’ Talks to about working w/ Sean P, Joell Ortiz, Chris Rivers and many More

First and foremost we want to thank you for reaching out and rockin’ this interview with us! If you had to describe The Amazing SB in a few shorts would – how would it go?
1/2 man 1/2 amazing. I am a realist – I’m straight up no chaser ya dig? Real nigga first, then music producer, family man and hubby, lol.

Queens, NY is a hell of a place to come from in terms of hip-hop and its roots. Do you have any specific favorites from the borough itself that may have molded you coming up?

Of course my G – You know I gotta say Nas Mobb Deep Kool G Rap Large Pro Royal Flush – That’s my G. Nutso Ppm CNN Action Bronson Gab Gotcha Meyhem Lauren – there’s so much more.

How did you decide that production was the route you were going to take? Like, when was the “AH-HAA” moment?
Shit, I started pretty late as a youth. I was involved in the streets getting it. Left that alone – got introduced to software at 24 yrs old and took off from there but my ‘aha’ moment was really in 06 07. I locked my self in and started banging out.

You had the chance to work with some amazing/respectable emcees so far – Joell Ortiz, Sean Price, Illa Ghee, Chris Rivers (Big Puns Son), Juxx Diamond, and many others. In general, how does it feel to continue to grow and gain respect from renowned emcees?

It fucking feels great maine shouts to MMRick for that – he helped pace my way in the music biz. Yeah those artist you mention except juxx Diamonds all did him a favor – looked out for us and got on our project called ‘MMRick presents Sorry I’m Late’ Hosted by RedMan produced by me. You can find that on for free or just Google it. It’s everywhere. Respect the producers!

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