Wednesday, December 3, 2014

FL Studio is Coming to Mac

After years as a PC-only application, FL Studio is finally coming to Mac. While there were previously workarounds to get FL studio on a Mac, such as installing Boot Camp to run Windows or a beta version powered by Codeweavers CrossOver software, the application was never native to OS X. However, producers the world over can rejoice now that it’s been announced a fully-fledged Mac version of FL Studio 12 will be available sometime next year.

Image-Line, the company behind FL Studio, told Attack Magazine that since FL Studio is written in Delphi, the process by which to port FL Studio to Mac would have taken over a million lines of code translation. However, a recent breakthrough has allowed Delphi to be compiled to OS X, which explains why the Mac port of FL Studio is happening now, though it is still a time consuming process.

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